Interview with J. B. Fals

Who are you? 
My name is Jeppe and I am a Danish art advisor and collector. I am born & raised in downtown Copenhagen but at the moment I am based in Barcelona, Spain.
I also work as a freelance curator & I am frequently in contact with artists & galleries around the World. 

Why curate an art web-store? 
There are thousands of art websites out there; Saatchi, Artsy, Artland & so on. For me their biggest problem is that they allow too much art. I wanted to help create a place collectors could come and explore emerging artists but without getting an overload of art.  

Who are the artists? 
The artists are in my opinion some of the most exciting emerging artists. It was important for me to select only a very small group of artists. I wanted to be able to support each artist & also be able to personally vouch for every single one of them. 

I also see it as my responsibility when I advise collectors that my selection is not solely based on my personal opinion. All the artists that are part of Original Paper Works has had Solo as well as group exhibitions in well established galleries around Europe and USA. 

Why paper works? 
For the new collector paper work is more affordable. We live in a time where the younger generation does not have either money or wall space for canvas paintings. 

For the artist it is an easier process than canvas paintings. It is a way to test color, techniques & motives. Also many artist are more free on paper because it does not need to fit into a show or previous style.