Curator Picks: Nina Mdivani

I am Nina Mdivani, a curator and arts writer, Georgia-born and New York-based. The themes I am engaged with as part of my practice in essays and exhibitions are women artists, Otherness as psychosocial phenomenon, interpersonal emotional dialogue through borders of space, time, and gender.

My three picks from this impressive artistic selection on the website are:

1. "Two Rocks with Shell"
I have worked with Anna Valdez before and am always impressed by her ability to bring life and subtle emotional expressions to inanimate objects without making them appear ordinary or trite.

2. 'Reflection' by Dominic Musa is a deely lyrical piece as it portrays that rare moment of truth that this woman is contemplating. A viewer can sense an inner storm behind a collected and careful pose of the sitter. A conflict between an inner and outer is always interesting to watch.

3."Sunday Mood" by Jonas Mayer catches a viewer by the carnal power of this woman. This image reminds of all archetypal nude women of the past (Venus of Willendorf, Rubens' nudes) who are exuberant and open about their erotic powers.