Lasse Thorst

Lasse Thorst lives and works in Aalborg, Denmark. His artistic style is colorful, expressionistic and figurative. As a Nordic painter, he´s particularly interested in the classical landscape, but often used as a setting for portrayed characters, which are placed in these – for them – unfamiliar landscape scenarios. They're personal and freely painted but often inspired by old photos and somehow relate to the artist's surroundings.  

Here, the people  portrayed reveal in one way or another a particular time or period, where the landscape setting seems almost timeless. This makes the works both traditional and modern at the same time.

As a matter of fact, Thorst works more like an abstract painter, where he does not use sketches but tests his ideas directly on the canvas/paper. He works in quick sessions – usually wet on wet – with oil. 

Latest exhibitions: Ruttkowski;68, Marrow Gallery & Steinsland Berliner

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