Original Paper Works


Original Paper Works was founded on a simple idea: to present some of the most exciting emerging artists to people with a passion for art but not a fortune to spend. 

We wanted to make original artwork from acclaimed talents of the contemporary art scene available to a wider audience than galleries and collectors with big wallets. 

Each of the presented pieces is a one-of-a-kind original made specifically for Original Paper Works by highly esteemed young artists from across the globe.

The works have all the materiality, texture and singularity that comes with original artwork. They have formats and forms of expression that fit into contemporary living. And they are affordable to new collectors who want to take part in the trajectory of their favorite artists.


We curate our favourite artists from across the globe to create original paper works. 

We have selected each artist because we admire their unique style, but also because their accomplishments hold promises of more to come. 

All contributing artists have had solo exhibitions at larger EU or US galleries within the last year, and each has attracted an audience within the contemporary art scene. 

We display original paper works from 12-15 artists at a time – enough to provide a wide variation in styles and motifs, few enough to make sure everything is handpicked and curated. Each artist creates four new artworks on paper.



Original Paper Works was born out of a passion for contemporary art. 
It is a one-stop platform for discovering some of the most promising emerging artists and for buying new original art for your collection. A different showcase for contemporary art – by art enthusiasts, for art enthusiasts.


Featured Artists at the moment: 
Igor Moritz, Poland
Anna Valdez, USA
Jonas Mayer, Germany
Florence Hutchings, England
Jordy Kerwick, Australia
Sophie Vallance, Scotland
Daisy Parris, England
Valerie Savchits, Latvia
Hedley Roberts, England
Douglas Cantor, Colombia
Dominic Kennedy, England
Alejandro Acosta, Spain
Dominic Musa, USA
Galina Munroe, France

Curated by: J. B. Fals
Webdesign by: Rita Rosa Prates