Paul Grodhues

Paul Grodhues, born 1996 in Germany, is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.Focused on painting, he is initially inspired by experiences with Latin American culture. Expression of Amusement became characteristic for his work. As his paintings evolve provisionally in an abstract process of many layers and superimpositions, fragmentary elements are later used in a targeted manner. Several components are further elaborated to concrete objects or figures, others rather stay abstract and undefined. Acrobats and dancers as well as jugglers and peddlers constitute his main characters. Compositions are mostly set up in entertainment venues, such as in circuses, folk festivals, carnivals or fairs. Blurring the line between fiction and reality his work is considered infused by the literary concept of magic realism. Figures remain enigmatic. The combination of absurdity and banality lets sceneries appear mystic and humorous as well as exaggerated and ironic.