Salomé Wu

Salomé Wu b. 1996, is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice involves oilpainting, printing on silk, installations, and performance. As a teenager,Salomé admired a teacher who encouraged her to pursue training incalligraphy and painting. Her work examines otherworldliness throughtranslations and ever-evolving reinterpretations of a mythology, formed fromher observation of time, fragility, and the interplay between reality and theunseen. Understanding herself primarily as a global citizen, Salomé works tokeep her art devoid of contemporary models of identification and taxonomy,relying on obliquely biomorphic figures to populate her work. Acrossmediums, she presents a nonlinear journey, weaving together seeminglydisparate moments to unveil previously concealed narratives. Salomé livesand works in London, UK.