Igor Moritz Interview with DailyArt

Marga Paterson has done a great interview with OPW artist Igor Moritz for DailyArt Magazine.

Here is a sneak peak

Work and Motivation

 How would you describe your work?

The emotional inner and outer landscapes of people (myself, friends and family) and places; the interaction between those two.

Do you draw from memory or do you have people pose for you?

The vast majority of the work is done in person. The colored pencil work is done without asking or arranging a pose; they’ll be a couple people hanging out in the living room so I will just sit down and start drawing and hope they won’t move. I might use that as a beginning composition or something. More recently, since I have a studio, I ask people to come by. It’s casual and not very serious we just hangout, talk, maybe have a beer or coffee. They’re not very still; I just I need their presence.

  What are you trying to convey with your subjects?

A range of emotions. The emotions on the faces are rarely explicit.

What are the differences and similarities between your drawings and paintings?

The differences are the drawings are a bit more intimate and spontaneous. The very nature of how I make them; being able to get close to the subjects and it doesn’t disturb them. The paintings are more theatrical in a way. More planned, more built into place. The size of the work also varies. Similarities are it’s relatively the same subject matter and colorfulness.





You can read the full interview at: https://www.dailyartmagazine.com/igor-moritz-interview/