Learn about the artist: Rusudan Khizanishvili

Rusudan Khizanishvili lives and paints in Tbilisi, Georgia. She was born in 1979 and
received her two BFAs in Painting from J.Nikoladze Art School and from Tbilisi State  Academy of Art. In 2004 Rusudan received her MA in Film Studies from Tbilisi State Academy of Art. For Rusudan a blank canvas is an escape road or intradimensional portal to the new world created by her imagination. This world is populated by strong women who carry their social burden day in and day out, while retaining their archetypal allure. Rusudan also frequently includes animals that serve as symbolic guides between cultures and identities. Her confident use of color combined with a palpable and often sensuous handling of oil paint demonstrates a maturity that proved her interesting to many galleries and residences across the world. In 2015 ten of her works have been bought by the Georgian National Museum of History and Culture as part of the Georgian national heritage.

The overarching theme of Rusudan's art (and of any art or any aspect of culture, if we seriously consider that question) is an exploration of how humans relate to the world, our role and place within it. Essentially, there are three ways this relationship can go: either through defeating the outside world (and our very own Western civilization goes to great lengths to ensure this), being afraid of it (and thus worshipping its symbols in an act of self-defense), or befriending it (and essentially being absorbed by it).

As an artist, Rusudan strives to find ways, techniques, and archetypes to communicate with the outside world, to relate to it. First, she works through things inside herself, finding names for what she sees and feels, eventually moving towards the outer world. This is where a dialogue with the outside world takes place. Two worlds meet in Rusudan's works: One is the world of humans and their passions, the other is a universe filled with both cosmic and terrestrial creatures, as well as with their emotions and instincts. As time goes by, Rusudan thinks more and more about these connections, her works becoming increasingly intellectual.

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