Lian Zhang

Lian Zhang was born in 1984 in Hangzhou, China, and now works as an artist in London. She studied painting in China and then after in London at the Royal College of Art. Her art mixes stories and feelings, creating a beautiful balance between calmness and tension. She combines old and new images, making us think about both the past and the future. Her paintings show both real places and places she imagines. Lian’s art is influenced by old art styles like Surrealism and Symbolism, as well as Chinese philosophy and Taoism.

Through her work, she addresses the stereotypes and complexities of living across different cultures. This makes her a unique voice in art, as she brings new perspectives to common narratives, especially regarding identity and cultural experiences.

Latest exhibitions at: Lychee One, Sebastien Bertrand, Ojiri Gallery
Snow Lady Sold Out
Green kin €900
Playground €900